The Concept

A new travelling concept on board the most upscale de luxe SUV following iconic itineraries or of-the-beatean track journeys created by A la Carte.

Our observation is simple : anywhere you book a limousine service, you mostly get Mercedes sedans or Minivans.
For us, Range Rover is a symbol of exclusive travel, a certain way of life, in total adequation with Normandy stunning landscapes, villages and historical landmarks.

Dedicated driver, knowledgeable historian and tailor-made routes according to your points of interests, De luxe hotels or charming chateaux, selected restaurants.

Just relax and enjoy an exclusive luxury private tour across Normandy with our Limo service and private guided tours around Normandy.

De luxe SUV

Refinement is at the heart of Range Rover. Its interior gives a sense of calm, indulgent and luxurious comfort. It is beautifully appointed and thoughtfully designed : leather seats, free wifi on board, panoramic roof, climate control, rear seats entertainement with eight-inch screens built into the headrasts and digital wireless headphones and USB connectors, as well as a special welcome kit.

« Explore Normandy in a unique and exclusive way »

A new concept of travelling on board a Range Rover, the most upscale de luxe SUV,
following tailor-made iconic itineraries or off the beaten tracks journeys.